Hi! Welcome to my web site
It is a little about me. I was born and has grown in Latvia. Per young years I did studied in Academy of arts in Riga. At this time in my hands has got the camera, and it has changed my life for ever. So, I 15 years work as the professional photographer, and it already destiny. 

Genres of my works is very different. It is still live, landscape, advertising and wild live. Main, that the put task was interesting for me. Nevertheless by my favorite genres are still live, flowers and insects.  
Further I want to take more images on travels. I want to work in Nepal, India, China. It seems, the rich cultural traditions of these countries can be interesting to a photo. 

In "portfolio" page I presented some photos for your attention. A photos are organized in some sections; "flowers", "still live", "sea snails" and "advertising". I think, these photos are reflected my creativity and style of work. 

On page of "news" you can find out about last changes of my site. As you there will find the story about my creative plans. Now it is possible to see the project of an album about sea snails. Necessarily look! 

I hope you will like my photo album and it will be useful to you. If you do, don't forget to come back from time to time: I'm constantly adding new pictures. If you wish, I can send to you the messages on additions on my site if you subscribe. In any case, I'd be happy to receive your comments - just fill out the feedback form. You can also write a short message into my guest book. 

My photo.

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